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Sorority Perfume™

Sorority Perfume™ was born in February 2016. Inspired by my years as a collegiate member of Alpha Chi Omega and now a Certified Perfumer, I designed a modern upscale signature sorority perfume. I have designed and will continue to design for local and social sororities.

The perfume bottles are whimsical. They highlight the essence of your sorority.

Sorority Perfume is created with only Grade A perfume oils. Fresh, top notes, light, flirty mid notes, and exotic, warm, lingering base notes. Your Sorority Perfume is a smooth fragrance that hugs your body.

Sorority Perfume
Fun Bottles! Serious Perfume!

Sorority Perfume was designed with historical perfume notes worn in Ancient Greece; the first perfume created for those who choose to "Go Greek" today.

Sorority Perfume is a soft, feminine, sensual perfume with notes to make an unforgettable day continue into an unforgettable evening.

Top Notes: An exotic and exciting fusion of Fresh Bamboo and Lemongrass
Mid Notes: An opulent blend of Soft, Feminine Sweet Violet and Earthy Sage
Base Notes: A conundrum of Rich Vanilla Bean, Sultry Sandalwood, Pink Amber, Patchouli, and Egyptian Musk.

What is a Niche Perfume?

Niche perfumes are available in limited quantity while designer perfumes are mass-produced. This means that people who choose niche perfumes are entitled to wear exclusive, unique original scents.

I received my certification as a Certified Perfumer from The Fragrance Foundation in New York City and specialized in Boutique Niche Perfume.

I began my career as a buyer for Macy's with 5 years in the fragrance, beauty & bath division. Changing paths, I entered the pharmaceutical equipment division of Johnson & Johnson, working with equipment analyzing an individual's chemistry. My love for fragrance and understanding the unique individual chemical properties of the human body went hand in hand. Everything came together, and I opened my first 5 star rated Etsy perfume shop in 2014.

Deborah LaBron
Certified Perfumer
Perfume Designer
Owner Sorority Perfume