16 oz. Hand Sanitizer by L-Sanitize w/ Plain Caps

$ 15.81

Hand Sanitizer by L-Sanitize gel contains 62% ethyl alcohol with moisturizing benefits of aloe vera manufactured and audited in a FDA (Federal Drug Administration) Drug facility to ensure quality and consistency. Currently, L-Sanitize Hand Sanitizers comes in unsented and citrus. Below you will find the Drug Facts label of both "Active and Inactive Ingredients"

A note from Deborah LaBron:  I'm writing to let long term and new customers know why I am adding hand sanitizer to the L-Sanitize line of products. I was contacted by two of my trusted suppliers asking if I was interested in adding hand sanitizers to my line for the escalating vital hand sanitizer need due to the Covid-19 virus.  I have been in the pharmaceutical and perfume business all of my adult life.  I decided it was a good decision for many reasons.  First, it would help those in need of hand sanitizers to protect themselves and their loved ones against the Covid-19 virus.  Second, you will be assured you have purchased an FDA approved quality product for a fair price.

Hand Sanitizer by L-Sanitize will be sold to end-users only at a fair price.  I would like to help as many people as possible on a direct basis to avoid resellers from hoarding necessary supplies and attempting to resell them at a huge profit.  

Due to the global pandemic, the nation saw a rise in large resellers hoarding any stock of sanitizer that they could buy so in many cases they could price gouge end consumers and make huge profits.  Some were selling $100.00 and up for bottles of 8oz. Hand Sanitizer.  Many of these resellers held back shipping products to stores until they could get the highest price.  There are retail shortages and many customers have been without much-needed product for months as the pandemic spread.  When it became aware many of these distributors and resellers were left with millions of units of unsold products, they ultimately threw them away.  Not because there was no demand for it, but because the resellers were holding out for the best price.  There were literally millions of units sitting in warehouses while healthcare workers and citizens went without much-needed products.

Thank you for your understanding during this time.

~ Deborah

In the future, L-Sanitize will also carry hand sanitizers with your choice of unscented or the fragrances you love from LaBron Perfume.

Returns: No Returns are permitted for hand sanitizers: Hand Sanitizer sales are final because hand sanitizers are classified by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) as an OTC (over the counter) Drug Product. Hand Sanitizer is NOT in the "Health and Beauty" category as our perfumes. ALL HAND SANITIZER SALES ARE FINAL, no refunds.

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