Padrón Tobacco Cologne Intense for Men by LaBron™

$ 54.00
Padrón Tobacco Colonge Intense for Men by LaBron™
Fragrance Story:
The Padrón Tobacco Cologne Intense is a hand-blended fragrance demanding recognition with a full-bodied scent that’s smooth, complex, and darn hard to resist.

As a Certified Perfumer, I am constantly letting my nose take the lead. Once I smelled the famous Padron 1926 cigar, I had to design a men's cologne to compliment it. It’s time to spoil yourself with the best of tobacco fragrances. Fit for a king!

LaBron's Padón Tobacco Cologne Intense is a complex scent with perfect balance and the ultimate mix of masculine notes; the finest tobacco, deep chocolate, spices, groundnuts, and a hint of black cherry. Padrón Tobacco Cologne Intense has a long dry down with many lasting base notes. You may detect the sensual base notes of tobacco, amber, and spice on your pillow the next day."

Whether you’re looking forward to a milestone birthday, a night on the town, or anticipating a night loungin' with your feet up with someone special, LaBron's Padrón Tobacco Cologne Intense is the premier choice from your fragrance wardrobe. Padrón Tobacco Cologne Intense, as is in the Padron cigar. Is about as close to perfect as you’re going to get. Pricey, but well worth it.  It’s time to spoil yourself. Life is too short to pass on this special tobacco fragrance.


Top notes: Black Cherry

Mid Notes: Spices, Ground Nuts

Base Notes: Tobacco, Chocolate, Amber, Clove

"The Men's Cologne Intense Collection is designed with the true fragrance connoisseur in mind. Unlike most perfume houses, the LaBron brand focuses on a perfect blend with the Base notes as the focus for   " ~Deborah LaBron, Certified Perfumer.

The Cologne Intense Collection for Men by LaBron Includes:
  • Smoke & Leather Intense (Leather Woods Family)
  • Padrón Tabacoo Intense (Oriental Family)
  • Ocean's Coast Intense (Aquatic Family)
  • Oakmoss & Sandalwood Intense (Woody Family)
  • Uptown Intense (Floral Musk)
  • LaBron Sport Intense (Modern Fresh Family)
  • Moroccan Frankincense & Myrrh for Men (Resin Family)

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