Size: 1 dram
LaBron Mini’s Perfume
Your Boutique Niche Perfume
Fun Bottles! Serious Perfume!

LaBron Perfume is a fresh, slightly flirty, exclusively designed fragrance with soft floral heart notes, and exotic, warm and seductive base notes. You may still discern perfume notes lingering on your sweater or pillow the next day. Sorority Perfume layers a light, playful, first impression with a memorable sumptuous, lasting impression.

Your LaBron Perfume is a hand blended, exclusive, niche scent. It is uniquely yours. Those who choose a niche perfume are entitled to wear exclusive and original scents, totally unique from most. Only the best perfume oils are used; they are subtle, smooth and hold close to your body. This is not an inexpensive knock off perfume. Just one spray or layer for a desired bolder scent. "Fun Bottles! Serious Perfume!"

🎁 Gift Wrap Shown Optional

Deborah LaBron
Certified Perfumer
Perfume Designer
Owner LaBron Perfume

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