Magnolia & Jasmine Perfume Spray by LaBron™

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Fragrance Story

I love "Magnolia & Jasmine" perfume!  I adore the magnolia tree and its southern flower.  "Magnolia" perfume is an intense, sweet perfume but not syrupy sweet.  "Magnolia" perfume smells like a naturally fresh-cut magnolia flower.  The magnolia flower is described as citrus-like or lemony, and spicy-sweet. The twigs are also aromatic with lemon overtones. "Magnolia & Jasmine" perfume has the lemony, spicy-sweet scent of the flower blended with a touch of the green woody scent of its branches.

Because "Magnolia & Jasmine" perfume smells so much like the flower, let me describe what is noted about the natural Yulan Magnolia flower of the Americas and the Jade Champaca Orchid Magnolia of Asia:

The Southern Magnolia:

The Magnolia flower is early blooming and renowned for its fragrance.  It is sweet, with lemony, scented blooms and branches.

The Asian Magnolia:

The Jade Champaca Orchid Tree is a magnolia flower prized in Asian countries. Magnolia is a traditional Asian flower loved for perfumes, and it has been a tradition to place the flowers around to fragrance the home.

Top Note: Lemon

Mid Note: Pink Magnolia, White Jasmine, White Southern Rose

Base Note: Light Woods


Deborah LaBron

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