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Frankincense & Myrrh NOIR Perfume Spray by LaBron™

$ 5500 USD

7 reviews

Frankincense Myrrh NOIR Perfume Spray by LaBron™ Fragrance Story:

A soothing, deep, dark blend of Frankincense Myrrh with Bulgarian Rose, Dusty Lavender, Rich Dark Vanilla, Soft Musk, Patchouli, Benzion, and the depth of Black Amber. 

Frankincense Myrrh NOIR is exotic, sultry, and spicy with classic florals; woodsy, earthy, and warm. The dark secret of the blended floral beauty notes is the veiled Classic Bulgarian Rose and Dusty Lavender. Patchouli, Dark Benzoin, and Black Amber are the perfume oil notes foreshadowing the name of Frankincense Myrrh Noir.

There is something sweet to the historical scent of Frankincense Myrrh, reminding me of caramel with sweet pepper, vanilla, and dark chocolate. The frankincense is honey-like and woody with lemony top notes. It has rich, dark, smoky notes, and evokes memories of an old church. Myrrh is nutty and smells of warm woods.

This perfume does not fade; it breathes with you. The florals are with you, they are there, they go away, then come back, and they greet you again nicely. The rose and the lavender do not take over the base notes of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Black Amber, yet they are always there, playing off each other like a perfect card game. With its mysterious, dark, rich, soothing aroma, Frankincense Myrrh Noir will captivate the spirit and soul.

Top Notes:  Mandarin Orange

Mid Notes:  Classic Rose. Black Pepper

Base Notes:  Black Frankincense, Moroccan Myrrh, Cedarwood, Black Amber

All LaBron™ Perfumes are Free of Denatured Alcohol, Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free.


Deborah LaBron

Certified Perfumer

LaBron™ Perfume


All fragrances are hand blended with luxurious perfume oils and created to hug your body. What is niche, indie, artisan fragrances? LaBron is a bit of each, the following explains.

Boutique/Niche: LaBron fragrances are a boutique or niche fragrances. They are unique. They are not designer fragrances or perfumes found in department stores. People who choose niche fragrances and perfumes desire exclusive, unique original scents.

Indie: Indie fragrances and perfumes are niche perfumes but are independently owned brands. I am the independent owner of LaBron™. 

Artisan: Artisan fragrances are hand-blended. All LaBron fragrances and perfumes are individually hand-blended. The strict definition of "artisan perfumes" means blending by hand and counting the precious perfume oils drop by drop rather than factory and mass produced. The best artisan fragrances and perfumes are original and creative.

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