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About Me:

My name is Deborah LaBron. I received my certification as a Certified Perfumer from The Fragrance Foundation in New York City and specialize in Boutique Niche Perfume.

I began my career as a buyer for Macy's with 5 years in the fragrance, beauty & bath division. Changing paths, I entered the pharmaceutical equipment division of Johnson & Johnson which manufactured equipment that analyzed an individual's chemistry. My love for fragrance and understanding unique individual chemical properties of the human body, went hand in hand. Everything came together and I opened my first 5 Star Dallas perfume shop in 2014. 

About LaBron Perfume:

 LaBron™ Perfume, Fragrances, and Cologne:

LaBron™ is a boutique/niche, indie, artisan fragrance company. All fragrances are hand blended with luxurious perfume oils and created to hug your body. What is niche, indie, artisan fragrances? LaBron is a bit of each, the following explains.

Boutique/Niche: LaBron fragrances are a boutique or niche fragrances. They are unique. They are not designer fragrances or perfumes found in department stores. People who choose niche fragrances and perfumes desire exclusive, unique original scents.

Indie: Indie fragrances and perfumes are niche perfumes but are independently owned brands.  I am the independent owner of LaBron™. 

Artisan: Artisan fragrances are hand-blended. All LaBron fragrances and perfumes are individually hand-blended. The strict definition of "artisan perfumes" means blending by hand and counting the precious perfume oils drop by drop rather than factory and mass produced. The best artisan fragrances and perfumes are original and creative.

The following are the fragrance, perfume and cologne collections carried by LaBron™ Perfume, Fragrances, and Cologne


  • Moroccan Frankincense and Myrrh for Women:
  • Moroccan Frankincense and Myrrh for Men:
  • Moroccan Frankincense and Myrrh Black (Unisex):
  • Simply Myrrh


  • FIND ME Dancing
  • FIND ME Dreaming 
  • FIND ME Joyful
  • FIND ME Loving
  • FIND ME Peaceful
  • FIND ME Playful
  • FIND ME Praying
  • FIND ME Singing
  • FIND ME Thankful



  • LABRON Uptown Intense
  • LABRON Oakmoss & Sandalwood Intense
  • LABRON Ocean's Coast Intense
  • LABRON Padrón Tobacco Intense 
  • LABRON Smoke & Leather Intense
  • LABRON Sport Intense



Deborah LaBron
Certified Perfumer
Perfume Designer
Owner LaBron™ Perfume, Fragrances, and Cologne

Contact Information:

LaBron™ Perfume, Fragrances, and Cologne
Blending Perfumes in the Heart of Texas ❤️
Phone: 512-999-7903 

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