Magnolia Perfume Spray by LaBron™

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Fragrance Story

I love "Magnolia" perfume!  I adore the magnolia tree and its southern flower.  "Magnolia" perfume is a intense, sweet perfume but not syrupy sweet.  "Magnolia" perfume smells like a naturally fresh-cut magnolia flower.  The magnolia flower is described as citrus like or lemony, and spicy-sweet. The twigs are also aromatic with lemon overtones. "Magnolia" perfume has the lemony, spicy-sweet scent of the flower blended with a touch of the green woody scent of its branches.

Because "Magnolia" perfume smells so much like the flower, let me describe what is noted about the natural Yulan Magnolia flower of the Americas and the Jade Champaca Orchid Magnolia of Asia:

The Southern Magnolia:

The Magnolia flower is early blooming and renowned for its fragrance.  It is sweet, with lemony, scented blooms and branches.

The Asian Magnolia:

The Jade Champaca Orchid Tree is a magnolia flower prized in Asian countries. Magnolia is a traditional Asian flower loved for perfumes, and it has been a tradition to place the flowers around to fragrance the home.

Top Note: Lemon

Mid Note: Pink Magnolia, White Jasmine, White Southern Rose

Base Note: Light Woods


Deborah LaBron
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