Roses and Sandalwood by LaBron™

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The design of Roses & Sandalwood by LaBron™ is a beautiful, classic perfume with long-lasting erotic base notes. You may smell the soft, sensual perfume notes of Roses & Sandalwood on your pillow the next morning or lightly lingering on your favorite sweater. 

Roses & Sandalwood perfume is blended with essential notes of roses, sandalwood, and a bit more: The floral scent of a fresh, classic, red rose, spicy, warm scent of cinnamon, the woodsy, earthy scent of Sandalwood, intoxicating, slightly sweet, dark, the musky-earthy aroma of Patchouli, church-like resinous, rich, incense of Frankincense and Myrrh, and the deep, sweet and warm, smooth, round quality of amber.

Embracing the notes of Roses & Sandalwood by LaBron™.

Classic Rose Essential Oil

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Deborah ❤︎

Certified Perfumer

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