Smoke & Leather Cologne Intense for Men by LaBron®

$ 70.00

Smoke and Leather Cologne Intense for Men by LaBron™

Fragrance Story:

Smoke and Leather by LaBron™ is blended with fragrance notes based on the historically regarded world’s finest Russian leather, earned legendary status for its rich scent and unsurpassed durability. The aged leather accord in Smoke and Leather Cologne Intense reflects the complex craft of seventeenth-century leather-making in its unique use of birch oil for the tanning and dyeing of the leather. The birch was an important process as well. The distillation process was performed and involved the entire village in a group effort. A fire of straw was lit in the center, spreading slowly outwards into the birch bark, a method practiced by only a few remote Russian villages. This "birch tea" gives the leather its typical smoky scent.

Intensely woody, smoldering, smoky, and noble leathery notes intermingle with a Siberian forest’s brisk pine. Amber embraces strong, commanding black leather laced with sophisticated native green Lilly, leaving an unforgettable impression of a vast wilderness.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: Siberian Green Lilly

Mid Notes: Forest Pine, Russian Yellow Jasmine

Base Notes: Leather, Polished Amber, Woodland Birch, Smoke

"The Men's Cologne Intense Collection is designed with the true fragrance connoisseur in mind. Unlike most perfume houses, the LaBron brand focuses on the Base notes rather than the Top."

~Deborah LaBron. Certified Perfumer

The Cologne Intense Collection for Men by LaBron Includes:
  • Smoke & Leather Intense (Leather Woods Family)
  • Padrón Tabacoo Intense (Oriental Family)
  • Ocean's Coast Intense (Aquatic Family)
  • Oakmoss & Sandalwood Intense (Woody Family)
  • Uptown Intense (Floral Musk)
  • LaBron Sport Intense (Modern Fresh Family)
  • Moroccan Frankincense & Myrrh for Men (Resin Family)


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