Texas Sage Perfume Spray by LaBron™

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Texas Sage is "as-Texas-as-they-come.” Texas Sage is historical with a warm southern comfort. Its nicely blended notes are from the great state of Texas, the land of many scents. Texas Perfume combines natural top notes of prickly pear cactus and mid and bottom notes of subdued Texas Classic Rose, flirty Star Jasmine, sweet Vanilla Grass and a potpourri of Texas Fragrant Woods for a feminine scent that leaves you feeling…you guessed it, very Texan.


Texas Sage is a soft yet long lasting fragrance, one in which you may smell lingering on your morning pillow. It is hand blended with luxurious Texas native scents created to hug your body. Texas Sage was created by LaBron, a niche, indie, and artisan company; designed by Certified Perfumer, Deborah LaBron.


Deborah LaBron


Certified Perfumer

LaBron Perfume

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