Wedding Dress Perfume by LaBron™

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"Wedding Dress" by LaBron

Fragrance Story

When it comes to your wedding day, you'll want to smell as amazing as you'll look. Your wedding perfume should smell like, well, you!

"Wedding Day" perfume is soft and subtle.  It is charming with faint, light white florals and vanilla notes that are surprisingly not too sweet. White Jasmine and White Classic Rose are traditional scents and a modern bride's favorite. Vanilla and Sandalwood give this fragrance its warm, smooth, and sensual base.

Perfume notes in "Wedding Dress" Perfume Spray by LaBron

Top Notes: French Pear

Heart Notes: Light White Florals of White Jasmine and Classic White Rose

Base Notes: Creamy Vanilla, White Sandalwood, Exotic Musk,

Following are helpful tips when choosing your Wedding Perfume and why "Wedding Dress" is considered your first and only choice for your wedding day.

1) Forgo Your Signature Scent

On a day as special as your wedding day, you might want to put down your day-to-day fragrance. Wedding Dress Perfume is soft and not overpowering.  It will enhance your natural scent! Even though you want something new, it should still smell like, well, you.

2) Find Perfume With a Higher Oil Content (and less alcohol and water)

On your wedding day, you will be on the move and walking by many who will catch a whiff of your wedding fragrance. Choose a Perfume or Eau de Parfum with a higher oil content than an Eau de Toilette or Cologne. Fragrances with a higher oil content last longer and are easily activated by increased movement. "Wedding Dress" may be made Perfume strength.  It will last the day and into the evening.

3) Skip the Blotting Strips

You won't know how a scent smells on your skin unless it is spritzed on your skin. Aim the atomizer at pulse points like your wrist, neck, and décolletage. Blotting strips are not enough.  Note: A spray sample size is available for your testing. (see pull-down menu)

4) Take Your Time

When receiving "Wedding Day," notice the scent as it dries down.  It takes at least half an hour during the dry down phase. During this time, you will experience the top, middle, and base notes. The perfume will hold close to your body, lasting hours while you enjoy the different notes along the way.

5) Placement Is Key

Focus spraying your perfume from the bottom up. Start with your ankles, behind the knees, in-between the thighs, the crook of your elbow, and your pulse points -the wrists, at the cleavage, and the nape of your neck.  Remember, "Wedding Dress" is perfume strength, and though light, you may want to try what areas are best for you.  

6) A Custom Blend

"Wedding Dress" is a custom blend for brides.  It is made by LaBron perfume, an Indie, niche perfume company.  You will not find "Wedding Dress" mass-produced and sold in department stores. Each bottle of "Wedding Dress" is hand blended for you and your special day.

7) Your Venue

Like your wedding location and overall décor, the right fragrance will heighten the overall ambiance of your ceremony.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions regarding "Wedding Dress" perfume. (See "conversations") and I will get back to you with any of your questions.  Remember, I carry sample sizes for you to try before purchasing your wedding day perfume.  


Deborah  LaBron
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