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Perfume Design for Sorority Perfume™ - LaBron Perfume

Perfume Design for Sorority Perfume™

The perfume design of Sorority Perfume™ is based on the scents worn by the early Greek. Inspired by the scents worn by the early Greeks, these handcrafted perfumes are a fusion of warm, seductive, and mystical fragrances that capture the essence of Greek life. The historical warm, seductive, erotic blend of Sorority Perfume is hand blended with perfume oils of sweet cane, sage, violet, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, amber and a hint of spice.

Sorority Perfume™ was designed from plant oils used by the ancient Greek. The perfume oils were from local flowers, herbs and spices. Perfume was central to ancient Greek life. It was at the centre of hospitality, wealth, status. Perfume was seen as erotic, mystical, spiritual and linked to beauty.

Try the Sorority Perfume collection today and experience the allure of the ancients.


Deborah LaBron
Certified Perfumer
Designer of Sorority Perfume

Deborah LaBron
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