The story behind the FIND ME Fragrance Collection:

The Find Me Fragrance collection by LaBron™ came when listening to the song “Find Me.” It is a stunning, mesmerizing ballad that resonated with me as a perfumer in the form of fragrance.

The fragrances are profoundly heartfelt. Each fragrance evokes a personal life connection or gift.

The following scents in the Find Me collection highlight a few of these heartfelt connections:

Dancing, Dreaming, Joyful, Loving, Peaceful, Playful, Praying, Singing, Thankful

Choose the Find Me perfumes that are a part of your heartfelt connection.

Embrace the notes of Find Me Dreaming by LaBron™ : 

  • Top Notes: Lavender, Chamomile Blossoms
  • Heart Notes: Pink Peony
  • Base Notes: Warm Sandalwood, Egyptian Musk


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Deborah LaBron
Certified Perfumer

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